About Us

SG Fitness is located in Mackay.
Our studio is located at 4/114 Sydney Street. 
Your trainer, Stacey, has a vast background of practice when it comes to fitness and nutrition having lived and breathed it in her career, also as a competitive body builder. 
Stacey is a Wife, a Mum to two boys, a student, a business owner and a lover of pizza (no pineapple) and the beach.  

Available programs


 'Move', is just that,  moving our bodies, encouraging fitness and nurturing longevity. 
You can expect a mixture of circuits, weights, HIIT, and yoga.
A secured play area is provided for mums who want to invite a little exercise into their morning routine. Sessions are held Monday to Friday at 9:15 AM.
$15 per person per session.


This is about YOU making progress towards YOUR health and wellbeing goals. Together we are stronger and together we can achieve your goals.
Sessions available for 30 min | 45 min | 60 min


Small group personal training with a focus on strength and conditioning.
This program gives you the personal training experience, working closely with your trainer at a shared cost among a small group. 
Session | 60min

(Coming Soon)

- Sculpt x Stacey
- Strong Girls intro to resistance training for female teens.

You won't regret taking steps to look after your health. 

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