Train with Stacey

Fit young woman sitting on a rock with a smile

Calling all Mackay Peeps!

Do you live in Mackay and need guidance with your health and fitness goals? Let Stacey help you get results you want without all the BS! 

Stacey is a new Trainer to the Mackay area and has quickly become a hot commodity!

Stacey offers both group and one on one training that caters for all ages, genders and levels - beginners are both welcomed and encouraged!

Our group class 'Move', is just that,  moving our bodies, encouraging fitness and nurturing longevity. You can expect a mixture of circuits, weights, HIIT, and yoga. 

For You 
This is all about you. 'For you' is YOUR time to achieve your physical and well-being goals. Stacey, your trainer, will work with you to ensure you take the proper steps to succeed.

You won't regret taking steps to look after your health. 

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